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UTL 5kVA Sigma+

UTL 5kVA Sigma+

₹97,990.00 Regular Price
₹86,600.00Sale Price

In UTL Hybrid solar inverter is a multi functional inverter which combines the functions and capabilities of both grid-tie and off-grid solar inverters. A hybrid solar inverter is like an electronic heartbeat of a solar system that connects solar arrays to the utility grid and increasingly to the battery storage. One side, it stores the electricity into the solar battery for crucial times and on the other side, it will exports the excess or unconsumed electricity to the utility grid. The energy generated by solar arrays flows into the hybrid solar inverter where it will be converted immediately into alternating current (AC) to be uses in homes and supply to the grid.

UTL Hybrid Solar Inverter

A hybrid solar inverter provides all in one solution you need for solar with storage backup power. If you have an unreliable grid or if you want to lower your electricity bills or generate your own power then you should install a good quality hybrid solar inverter i.e. Sigma+ Hybrid Solar Inverter.

Sigma+ hybrid solar inverter is a premium quality hybrid solar inverter by UTL with an energy management system that intelligently calculates generation and consumption in real-time. It calculates the actual load for local consumption and stores the surplus into the batteries for later use. As day turns to night, the solar panels will cease to produce energy at which points your Sigma+ hybrid solar inverter will automatically fulfill the consumption within the house from battery stored energy. In case, your consumption exceeds what the batteries are able to supply then it will automatically switch over to the utility grid and continue to operate.

Sigma+ Grid Export Solar PCU

UTL hybrid Solar inverter has only one inverter named Sigma + Grid Export Solar PCU. It is solar power conditioning unit which is a single phase output solar inverter system. It works as a Bi-directional inverter which means power will be exported into the grid or power will be imported from the Grid.

Sigma Hybrid Solar Inverter

The Sigma+ PCU work in two operates condition:


Grid Interactive

Stand-alone: Solar Inverter operates from solar battery and produces AC output. The solar battery charged by solar power in first priority and from grid second priority.

Grid Interactive: Solar inverter operates from solar battery and produces AC output and also operates in parallel with the grid supply. Any excess solar power will be exported into the grid. Whenever sufficient solar power is not available to run the load, the required power is shared from the grid. The maximum power feed into the grid is depends on the system rating.

  • Technical Specfication

    Particulars Description
    Solar PCU Capacity 5kVA 96V
    Input Voltage Range 160-450VOC
    Maximum PV power recommended 5kW
    Controller DSP
    Type of Charger MPPT
    Peak Efficiency 95%
    Battery Low Buzzer 10-11.7V
    Battery Charging Voltage with SPV 13.5-16V
    Battery Charging Current with SPV 20-60A (Optional) / 2-23 (Regular)
    Battery Charging Voltage with Grid 13-15.5V
    Battery Charging Current with Grid 10-30A (Optional) / 1-16 (Regular)
    Grid Charging Enable/Disable
    IT Load Enable/Disable
    Operating mode Smart/PCU/Hybrid/Grid Export
    Input Source Grid/Genset(for Genset, Grid Export Mode must be Disable)
    Output voltage low 170-190V
    Output voltage high 250-260V
    No load shutdown Enable/Disable
    Grid Low/recover 185/195V
    Grid High/recover 280/275V
    Synchronization voltage range 185-280V
    Synchronization frequency range 47 to 53Hz
    Maximum Charging Current from Grid 1-16A
    Grid Disconnect (Solar Available) PCU/SMART @14.5V/Battery for 2 minutes OR 13.5V/Battery-100% Current (if Grid Chg. Volt. Ref. set to 14.2V)
    Temp. Compensation @ 3mV/cell/°C; 18mV/Battery/°C
    Control PWM
    Nominal Output voltage 220
    Output supply phase 1Phase, 3 Wire
    Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Nominal frequency 50Hz
    Load Current 18A
    Voltage regulation 1%
    Output voltage distortion with 100% linear load <3%
    Noise @ 1 meter 50 dB
    Cooling Temp. Controlled Fan
    Operating temperature 0-50 ºC
    Max. Relative Humidity @ 25 C (non condensing) 95%
    Degree of Protection IP-21
    Dimension (LxWxH) 584 x 330 x 660 mm
    Weight (Approx) 70Kg
  • Product Description

    Silent Features

    UTL’s Sigma+ hybrid solar inverter with the stand-alone and grid-interactive mode is not only best in price but they are also best in the quality as well. It is designed and manufactured with robust technology that gave it a unique look. Rather than its unique look, its other various features provide you a suitable and eco-friendly power backup that reduces carbon emission. Let’s have a look over these amazing features.

    • DSP based unique pure sine wave design.
    • Inbuilt high-efficiency rMPPT charge controller.
    • Stand-alone & grid-interactive working modes.
    • IEC 61683, 61727, 60529, 60068-2 (1,2,14,30) & 62116 certified.
    • Inbuilt AC & DC energy meter with USB based communication.
    • GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring & controlling (Optional).
    • LCD display with all AC and DC parameters.
    • Robust design with reverse AC voltage protection.
    • Priority-based working modes - Smart/PCU/Hybrid.
    • Maximum preference for solar power.
    • 20 years of product life & 2-5 years warranty.
    • Easy to install, maintain & access.
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