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Sun zone solar water FPC Deluxe 100lpd

Sun zone solar water FPC Deluxe 100lpd


Our Solar Water Heating Systems are built using superior quality raw materials with advanced technology to provide the convenience of hot water made available for use depending on the capacity, place and purpose of use.

  • Technical Specfication

    Storage Tank S S 304   -L/ GI 120 GSM with zero spangle material.
    Insulation                          - PUF

    Tank Outer Cladding     - Polyester grade powder coated sheet /Stainless Steel.
    Inter Connecting Pipes- Stainless Steel 304 Grade.
    Storage Tank Stand      - MS Powder Coated.
    Welding Technology     -Co2 for GI /TIG welding for SS.
    Application                      - Hard water and Soft Water
    Absorber Coating          -Selective coating of absorbivity 0.097 + 0.02
    Riser Pipe                         - Copper 12.5mm
    Header Pipe                     -Copper 25 mm
    Bonding between Riser and Header- Brazing
    Bonding between Riser and Absorber sheet- Continuous Ultrasonic Welding
    Size of Collector            - 1030 mm x 2030 mm
    Front Glazing                  -Hi Efficiency Frosted Glass toughened Glass
    Bottom sheet                  - Alluminium Sheet
    Backside Insulation       - Fiber wool / Rock wool
    Gasket                              - EPDM Rubber
    Collector Box                  - Extruded Aluminium channels
    Header inlet and outlet jackets- Brass Flanges
    Collector Box- Corner finishing Alluminium angle
    Collector box coating  - Polyster grade powder coating [Off White]
    Assembly                        - Pneumatic Technology
    Collector inside finishing -Alluminium foil
    Working Pressure         -4Kg
    Testing Pressure            -6 Kg

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