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Solar MPPT Charge Controllers NEON-80(HV) Vers.6.0

Solar MPPT Charge Controllers NEON-80(HV) Vers.6.0

₹18,600.00 Regular Price
₹17,670.00Sale Price


Key features


  • Compatible for12V/24V/36V/48V Battery bank
  • Auto-Detection and setting of Battery Bank.
  • Multi Stage Smart charging for prolonged battery life.(Bulk-absorption-float-equalization)
  • Programmable Initial limited ampere charging and periodic or voltage controlled equalization charging.
  • Ultra-fast & efficient (98.9%) power point tracking.
  • dsPIC33EP family micro controller based multi phase interleaved switching.
  • PV panel reverse polarity protection.
  • Automatic disconnection of PV panels at night.
  • Over voltage, over charging and overload protection from PV panels.
  • Protection for battery against hardware failures.
  • 13 menu custom function settings.
  • Inbuilt 3 button settings keys
  • Grid power control to the connected inverter
  • Technical Specifications


    Nominal Battery Voltag - 12V/24V/36V/48V

    Maximum Tracking Efficiency- 98.9%

    Maximum Charging Current- 80AMPS

    Standby Power Consumption -<2W


    Display- 2 x 16 LCD Display

    Dimensions - LxWxH (mm)- 355x215x142

    Connector-= Input / Output Terminal Block

    Net Weight (Kgs)- 4.800Kgs


    Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)- 12V-120Voc/ 24V-160Voc/ 36V-180Voc/ 48V-210Voc

    Max PV Array Watts Applicable-  12V-1500W/ 24V-2500W/ 36V-3500W/ 48V-4500W

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