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Solar Charge Controller - SCC1220NM

Solar Charge Controller - SCC1220NM

₹2,295.00 Regular Price
₹2,180.25Sale Price
  • Prevents battery from overcharging
  • Prevents reverse current flow from battery to panel at night
  • Runs DC appliances
  • Charge DC devices directly without using adapter via USB port.


ModelSCC 1220
Range Name (Solar)Solar Charge Controller
Warranty12 months
Net weight (kg.)0.35 kg
Dimensions (L*B*H)4.0*6.0*13.5 CM
Charge Controller Rating20A@12V/24V
Max. supported panel power (Wp)400Wp@12V, 800Wp@24V
Input Voltage Range (Voc)17-25(12V), 36-50(24V)
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