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LUMINOUS  iCruze 3000 2.8 KVA 2240W Pure Sine Wave

LUMINOUS iCruze 3000 2.8 KVA 2240W Pure Sine Wave

₹26,990.00 Regular Price
₹16,733.80Sale Price



Technical Specifications:


  • VA Rating: 2.8KVA; Peak Load: 2240W; Output Voltage: 220V (inverter mode)
  • Inverter Type: Pure sine wave output ensuring the safety of your appliances
  • Advanced LCD Display: Show inverter battery performance statistics including battery charging time, back-up time, percentage load running on the inverter, fault indications, and many more
  • Convert to a Smart Inverter: iCruze can be converted to a smart inverter by connecting an external Luminous connect dongle (Wi-Fi /GSM) and get inverter statistics on mobile App
  • User Settable Controls: Mode selection (ECO/UPS), Battery type and capacity, and no-load shutdown prevention through control buttons present on the front panel
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with 2 * (12V) battery with 60Ah - 220 Ah capacity. The inverter supports all types of batteries such as flat plate, tubular, and SMF.
  • Protection: AC MCB, By-Pass switch, No-load shutdown, overload, over-temperature, and short-circuit
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