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GROWATT 12KW, 3Ph - 12000TL3-S

GROWATT 12KW, 3Ph - 12000TL3-S

₹99,990.00 Regular Price
₹89,991.00Sale Price


· Max. Efficiency 98.4%

· Dual MPP trackers

· Supports export limitation

· Integrated DC switch

· Max. DC voltage 1000VDC

· Natural cooling

  • Technical Specifications

    Input Data

    Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) - 14400W

    Start Voltage-160V

    Max. DC voltage-1000V

    MPPT voltage range -160V-1000V

    Nominal voltage-600V

    Max. input current-20A/10A

    Output (AC)

    Rated AC output power-12kW

    Max. AC apparent power-13.2kVA

    Max. output current-19A

    AC nominal voltage-230V/400V 184~275V;320-478V

    AC grid frequency-50/60Hz,±5Hz

    AC grid connection type-3W+N+PE



    Euro - eta-97.8%

    MPPT efficiency-99.5%

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