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Cruze Combo 2kVA + Shine 3650

Cruze Combo 2kVA + Shine 3650

₹28,200.00 Regular Price
₹18,894.00Sale Price

• High overload handling capacity • PWM based Charge Controller • Safe for your home with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, MCB protection, reverse polarity, reverse current • User friendly informative LDC display with indications like Mains On, PV & Grid status, Battery Type, Battery voltage, etc. • Intelligent battery charging mechanism • Installation and maintenance friendly.




Net Weight (Kg)22.25 kg (Cruze) 3 kg (Shine)
Technology (Solar)With Battery
Warranty24 months (Cruze) 12 months (Shine)
Wattage (Wp)1700 Wp
Application AreaCommercial Applications, Homes and Small Shops
Range Name (Solar)Cruze
Product Dimensions (L*W*H)28.0*30.5*28 CM (Cruze) 28.0*20.5*12.9 CM (Shine)
Rated AC power (W)2000 VA
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