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30kVA On-Grid String Solar Inverter (3 Phase)

30kVA On-Grid String Solar Inverter (3 Phase)

₹230,000.00 Regular Price
₹181,700.00Sale Price

A 30kVA solar inverter is a high capacity 360V 3-phase solar inverter, powered with reliable, regulated and stabilized pure sine wave output. It is an aesthetically pleasing power converting system with over 98% maximum efficiency and is suitable for all types of home appliances and commercial establishments that require uninterrupted power supply.

UTL 30 KVA Solar Inverter
UTL 30 KVA Solar Inverter
The 30kVA solar inverter by UTL is also a high-performance power protection device that has been engineered to be energy efficient with minimum possibility of load failure. The inverter is IP65 and IP20 protected (as per the model) alongside several other protection functions that first run the load through the photo-voltaic panels and thereafter through the grid, if available. The combination of pulse-width modulation (PWM) with MPPT controller and other multi-level technologies enable it to track the maximum power of solar panels.

UTL’s 30kVa solar inverter provides a more flexible system configuration for medium and large solar power plants. There are unbeatable features in the 30kVA solar inverter that optimizes the performance of connected solar batteries and enhances their expected working life. Except for the features, you will get many outstanding advantages here such as power density, modular design, easy installation and maintenance, and highly cost-effective. The 30kVA UTL solar inverter is worth every penny invested in it because of its high performance and durability.

  • Technical Specfication

    Particular Description
    Model UTL 30 GT
    System Rating 30kVA - 3 Phase
    Max. DC Power 39kW
    Max. DC Voltage/Nominal DC Voltage 1000V
    MPPT Voltage Range 250V - 950V
    Full Load Voltage Range 400V-800V
    Normal DC Voltage 620V
    Min./Start DC Voltage 200V - 250V
    No. of MPP Trackers 3
    Strings as per MPP Tracker 2
    Max. Input Current per MPP Tracker 26A
    Normal AC Output Power 30kW
    Max. AC Output Power 33kW
    Normal AC Voltage 400V
    AC Voltage Range 400V ± 20%
    Normal AC Grid Frequency 50/60Hz
    AC Grid Frequency Range 50/60Hz (± 5Hz)
    Rated Output Current 44A
    Max. Output Current 48A
    THDI <3%
    AC Connection 3W+N+PE/3W+P E
    Topology Transformerless
    Maximum Efficiency 98.3%
    Euro-eta 98.0%
    All-Pole Fault Current Monitoring Unit Yes
    Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
    Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +60°C
    Noise Emission <40dB
    Protection Rating IP65
    LCD Display Yes
    Cooling Concept Convection
    Interfaces RS485/Wi-Fi
    Dimension 636mmX958mmX260mm
    Weight 61kG
  • Features

    Silent Features

    • Transformer-less inverter for better compatibility.
    • Low harmonic current distortion (THDi<3%).
    • IP65 certified solar product by UTL.
    • Comes with Onboard SPDs for DC & AC sides.
    • Supportable for Wi-Fi and monitoring applications.
    • Manufactured with multiple protection levels.
    • 5 years standard warranty for better reliability.
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