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200AH Solar Battery UTL

200AH Solar Battery UTL

₹34,033.00 Regular Price
₹27,500.00Sale Price


Solar battery of 200Ah is deep cycle battery designed for connecting with solar charge controllers, inverters for giving power backups. UTL 200Ah solar battery is designed to be charged from solar panels in the day from sunlight. The main component of UTL 200Ah solar battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better battery performance and quality. Lead acid batteries are not sealed and maintenance free hence it requires water top up once in 3-6 month.

  • Technical Specfication

    Particulars Description
    Brand UTL Solar
    Model UST2060
    Capacity 200Ah
    Warranty 60 months
    Nominal Voltage 12volt
    Container IT 500
    Dimension 503*190*410 mm
    Filled Weight 71kg
    Dry Weight 46.5kg
    Plate Combination 3+4
  • Product Description

    Unique Features of 200AH Battery

    • Unique tubular gauntlet /Nat positive plates design
    • Superior active material & special grid alloy
    • Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator
    • Covered with HDPE material caps
    • C10 rated solar battery for better performance
    • Extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD
    • Comes with non-leaking vent plugs
    • High-pressure die casting for a unique experience
    • Very low self-discharge rate i.e. 2mV/per day

    Benefits of UTL Solar Battery

    • Reliable and safe solar battery for all electrical needs
    • Easy to transport, install, and clean
    • Cheap and maintenance-free solar battery
    • Environment-friendly solar solution for backups
    • Equally suitable for off-grid and hybrid solar system
    • Quick rechargeable even after deep discharge
    • Deep satisfaction with only a one-time investment
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