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12V 30A Charge Controller

12V 30A Charge Controller

₹4,640.00 Regular Price
₹3,400.00Sale Price

UTL 12V charge controller is the smallest capacity charge controller. This charge controller is suitable for solar panel between ‘120watt to 500watt’. It ensures that the deep cycle batteries are not overcharged during the day and that the power doesn’t run backwards to the solar panels overnight and drains the batteries. Some solar charge controllers are available with additional capabilities, like lighting and load control, but managing the power is its primary work.

Solar Charger Controller 12V 10 Amp - 40 AMP

MPPT stands for “Maximum Power Point Tracking”. MPPT UTL 12V Solar Charge Controller will measure the voltage of the panel, and down-converts the PV voltage to the battery voltage. When the voltage is dropped to match the battery bank, the current is raised, with a 20V solar panel then you can charge a 12V battery bank.

There are four models in 12V solar charge controller with different ampere rate –

  • 12V 10A Solar Charge Controller – It supports 150watt 22.5volt solar panel.
  • 12V 20A Solar Charge Controller – In this solar charge controller you can use two solar panels of 120watt in parallel way.
  • 12V 30A Solar Charge Controller – You can use 400watt 22.5V solar panels in this 12V 30A solar charge controller.
  • 12V 40A Solar Charge Controller – It supports 500watt solar panel.
  • Technical Specfication

    Particulars      Description
    Solar Brand UTL Solar
    Technology MPPT
    SPV (Pmax) 120Watt-500Watt
    Charging Current 10A-40A (As per model)
    Efficiency Rate >95%
    Operating Range 18V-22V
    Switching Device MOSFET
    Battery Nominal Voltage 12V
    Operation Temperature 0°C to 50°C
    Ingress Protection IP-20
    Special Features Dusk to Dawn / Parallel Load
    Protections Overcharging current, Overcharging voltage, SPV reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity, Output short circuit, Overload & Reverse current flow at night.
  • Product Description

    Unique Features of Solar Charge Controller

    • Comes with Charge ON, Battery Full/Medium/Low/Over Load Indicators.
    • Suitable operating temperature for 12V solar charge controller is 0°C to 50°C.
    • Protection from battery over-voltage and current.
    • Design to remove build-up sulphate to increase battery life.
    • Highly efficient solar charge controller i.e. > 95%.
    • LED/LCD indications for a better user interface.
    • Multistage charging of solar battery bank - Changes the amount of power set to the batteries based on its charge level, for healthy battery.
    • Reverse current protection can stops the solar panels from draining the solar batteries at night when there is no power coming from the solar panels.
    • Low voltage disconnect - turns off attached load when battery is low and turns it back on when the battery is charged back up.
    • Lighting control can turns attached light on and off based on dusk and dawn. Many controllers are configurable, allowing settings for a few hours or all night, or somewhere in between.

    Key Features

    • rMPPT Charge Controller.
    • Protection from Battery over Voltage and Current
    • Protection from load short circuit to keep your system safe in lower rating
    • Multiple charging stages to maintain battery gravity
    • Remove build-up sulphate to increase battery life
    • Run DC Load with UTL Solar Charge Controller in lower rating only
    • Protection from reverse flow of current from battery to panel
    • Lightening and surge protections
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